Success Stories

The Complete Time Management workshop was very informative and I feel that I have taken many things away from this presentation. It was an interesting way to learn different approaches to manage my time, my priorities and my team projects. This workshop certainly changed my outlook to time and helped me to work more efficiently. I would also like to commend the great learning environment and the facilitator who really knew her stuff.

Kim, HR Coordinator

The Completely Organised Program has proved to be a cost effective method to increase productivity and provided an extraordinary return on investment. It enabled our people to work more efficiently and helped to eliminate poor work practices. The Completely Organised Program forces you to examine your work processes has an immediate impact on your daily productivity and minimizes work related stress. Our people are more productive and effective in producing results and because it takes them less time to achieve their work goals - they are happier. I highly recommend this program to any organization who is seeking a unique way to improve their people's workflow processes and outcomes.

Joanne, Financial Services Director

The Organising Place™ provided simple and effective techniques to help get me organised and stay organised. This has meant a much more efficient way of working.

Lara, Learning & Development Manager

I deal with many trainers and facilitators and found that the service that was offered by Organising Place™ was fantastic, in particular their willingness to adapt the content to meet our specific needs. Their trainers really know their stuff and they mix fun with actionable information which made the day totally enjoyable. Our team left the workshop with some great ideas which were easy to implement. I would definitely recommend their workshops to any organization who want their staff to learn how to work more efficiently.

Donna - Volunteer Program Manager

The workshop was dynamic and inspirational. The practical approach gave us simple and easy ideas that can be implemented immediately. I can't wait to get back to my office so I can apply the techniques I learnt.

Tracey, Training Co-ordinator

You presentation was rated as excellent by 96.5% of the participants. Your professional and pleasant manner created a relaxing learning environment in which participants could take in the information presented. Overall 98.5% of participants were very satisfied that ideas presented workshop would add value to their businesses.

Jo-Anne, Women in Business Manager

The efficiency systems recommended by Organising Place™ have simplified my work tremendously. Their consultants had a talent for analysing a situation and providing immediate solutions. I received many valuable suggestions and concrete organisational strategies, a number of which have already been implemented and are working great. I highly recommend the Organising Place™ and their programs to anyone who would like to improve their efficiency and work output.

Martin, Marketing Executive

It was great to attend the Completely Organised at Work course. I really did get a lot out of it and I would highly recommend it as a must attend course for anyone who wants to increase their efficiency at work. The workbook was also excellent!

Melissa, Small Business Owner

My staff loved your presentation. Everyone mentioned one thing that they took away and are going to implement in their work day. So thank you so much for that.

Lara, Managing Director

Organising Place™ assessed the individual organisation and time management skills of the HR team and provided tailored practical advice to help us improve as individuals and as a team. Two years later I am still using the filing and organising system that their consultants suggested and it has made a huge difference to my productivity and sense of being in control. My staff also continue to use the techniques suggested to them, and whenever a new staff member starts I brief them on these techniques to ensure we sustain the same level of organisation and productivity.

Liz, Human Resources Manager

This course has really been an eye opener for me. It made me realise that I waste hours on the wrong things. The trainer took the time to answer all of my questions and helped me develop my time plan, which I have been using ever since.

Tom, Sales Professional

Thank you so much for the Efficiency tips. Everyone has been completely impressed with my office so your work speaks for itself! Your framework gives me a great way to start my day so I am hoping I can just keep it all up.

Penny, Corporate Nutrition Manager

What a great presentation! The techniques you teach are simple and easy to implement. It provided me with much needed insights and added real value to my day to day effectiveness. My office is less cluttered and I am less stressed.

Michael, Director

Your in depth seminar made me stop and focus on what needs to be done and then how to do it. I would recommend this program to any company searching for a way to decrease their staff's stress and frustration while increasing their productivity.

Charles, Senior Policy Officer
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