Our Team

Our Managing Director

Amanda Sarden founded Organising Place when she discovered the main reason for low productivity at work was disorganisation. Since it's establishment, Organising Place has doubled it’s growth each year and now works with clients from industries as diverse as government, healthcare, non profits, banking and finance, marketing and education. Amanda is an expert in workplace efficiency and performance and developed our Efficiency Methodology.

Amanda has a background in Human Resources Management, Performance and Leadership Management and is tertiary qualified in HRM, Adult Learning and Business Management.

Our Key People

We have a team of experienced and highly skilled practitioners, including facilitators and coaches, who have been trained in our unique Efficiency Methodology. In addition to the Cert IV qualification held by all of our key personnel, they also hold tertiary qualifications in Adult Learning, Human Resources Management, Coaching and Mentoring. They employ an interactive learning method and maintain their expertise by keeping up with the latest techniques in adult learning. Their knowledge of a variety of industry sectors enables them to adapt to the needs of any organisation whether it be a corporate or government organisation.

Our support staff consist of administration personnel, account managers and course co-ordinators. They are the backbone of our team and help to keep us organised!

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