Increase Your Efficiency in 4 Easy Steps

Is your workday often chaotic and unproductive? Does your task list get out of control? Do you struggle with volume of emails, phone calls, interruptions, meetings and unfinished projects? Then this program is for you...

Lack of organisational skills can destroy your productivity. At last - an efficency program to help you get better organised, efficient and effective. So your desk may have less paper on it but what does your Outlook inbox look like? This unique course includes some one-on-one time with the trainer - giving you an opportunity to work through your own specific challenges.

Duration: 1 day in the training room, plus three 30 to 45 minute follow up coaching sessions (face to face/ phone/ Skype)

Why It Works

Participants apply the program’s methodology to the way they work over the time of the coaching period in which time the behaviours are successfully built for each individual. The results are instant and measurable. We measure and assess the improvements that each participant makes with surveys, questionnaires and coaching and as a result the client is able to clearly see their Return on Investment. Our clients have found that following a program they have achieved up to 30% improvement in productivity from their people. Effectively, our programs delivers an extra 1.5 hours per person per day.

The Completely Organised Efficiency Program is unique and is designed for organizations who would like to improve the overall workflow and personal efficiency of their people. The program's effective follow up and coaching components enables your people to retain the information presented.

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