In-house Training Programs

Complete Stress Management

Program overview

Is too much stress at work affecting your productivity, your health and your overall enjoyment of your job and life? This program will prompt the participants to assess their stress triggers and to learn how to manage their stressful situations more effectively. Participants will also learn stress control and relaxation techniques to help them function more productively at work and at home. The practical techniques presented can be applied immediately.

Learning outcomes

  • What are the causes of stress.
  • The differences between useful and harmful stress.
  • What are the long and short-term effects of stress.
  • How your personality affects how you react to stressful situations.
  • The physical symptoms of stress.
  • What are you stress triggers.
  • How to take control of your emotions.
  • Workplace disorganization, time management and stress.
  • Assertive communication skills and stress management.
  • Dealing with stressful situations and negative co–workers.
  • Identifying burnout and what to do about it.
  • How to effectively manage and deal with your own stress.
  • How to manage others in stressful situations.
  • Practical relaxation techniques that will calm you in any situation.

Who should attend

This program is suited for any individual who is finding it hard to cope with stressful situations at work. It is highly recommended for teams and individuals who manage a variety of personalities and high pressure situations in their daily work.


Our training programs are practical with lots of interaction and discussion between the participants. During the workshop, participants are encouraged to develop and work on individual action plans in a consultative and controlled environment. Participants return to work with a clear understanding of how to apply the techniques learnt so they are able to improve their productivity. In addition to the workshop, participants undertake a pre and post course survey (to determine individual needs and measure improved efficiencies), receive an organising tips booklet, motivational cards, access to our online toolkit and a follow up coaching call two weeks after the course.

We are happy to customise any of our courses or modules to suit your training needs. For more information or to discuss your requirements call us on 1300 783 987.

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