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Completely Organised at Work

Is your workday chaotic and unproductive? Do you struggle with the volumes of emails, phone calls, interruptions, meetings and unfinished projects? Being disorganised at work can decrease your productivity, increase your stress and generally make your workday difficult. In this workshop you will learn how to increase your personal efficiency by creating and implementing workflow systems that actually work! You will also learn how to make the most of your work space, how to control your time and set effective goals. We guarantee you will come away with practical and simple techniques that make sense and can be applied IMMEDIATELY!

Participants will learn...

  • The 7 myths of being organised
  • Simple ideas for storage and retrieval
  • How to create an efficient workflow system
  • How to organise files, folders and documents
  • How to set up an effective filing system
  • How to manage emails more effectively
  • How to minimize interruptions and distractions
  • How to prioritise tasks and deal with competing priorities
  • How to set goals and align these to important priorities
  • How to combat procrastination and be more productive
  • How to reduce the stress and create a work/life balance

Benefits: Participants can gain...

  • Between 20 minutes and 1 hour of productivity per day.
  • Between 25% and 40% more usable work space.
  • Practical strategies for reducing stress
  • Effective techniques for managing time
  • A more efficient work environment.

Workshop Details

This workshop can be delivered as either a half day or full day program and can be tailored to suit your requirements. We will conduct a pre workshop analysis to determine the best fit for your organization and culture. Each participant will receive individual attention from our facilitator, a comprehensive workbook, free access to a range of 'client only' online resources and follow up contact. In a consultative and controlled environment, participants are also encouraged to develop and work on an individual action plan during the workshop. In addition to the extra bonuses all of our participants receive, they will also receive a Certificate of Achievement on completion of a course.

Take action now! For workshop costs and to discuss your requirements enquire via our online contact form or call us on 1300 783 987.
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